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Web Development Dubai

Web Applications, Dynamic Websites, CMS, eCommerce, Payment Gateway Integration.

Web Development Dubai

Web Development Dubai

Web development generally refers to dynamic web contents. Currently there are two types of websites, static website and dynamic websites. Dynamic websites are more likely these days, as they are showing new contents all the time. Our Web Development Dubai team is providing web development services to many clients. Web Development Dubai focus not only on contents, but the performance, reliability and security of the content is also covered by our team.
 If you want to convert your current static website to dynamic websites, or you want to enhance your dynamic contents in terms of access time or security Web Development Dubai can handle it for you.
Web Development Dubai offers range of web development services which includes

  • Web Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Application Security
  • Web Application response time optimization
  • Captcha protected forms
  • Content Management systems
  • Website Admin Panel
  • Dynamic Photo Gallery

If you are interested in our web development services, we are available to serve you. Just drop us an email and our Web Development Dubai team will reach you in no time.

Website Development

There are two types of websites the one which remains constant and the other you update frequently. When you go with the second option (Frequently Update), you will require a place from where you need to manage your website. We can provide you the easiest friendly place where you can change the contents of your website.

Online Web Applications

We provide best solutions for companies who want paperless and location independent systems. All that you need to have an online application, which can provide you an overview of your company over all progress. We have successfully created online applications, which include Stock Management, Purchase Management, Requisition Management, Online Accounts, Air Ticketing, Visa Management and much more.

Offline Web Applications

We are not only providing online web applications, we also provide Offline Web Applications. Offline web application can be easily accessed from your local office network through any web browser. This application is faster independent of your internet connection as it runs on your network instead of your web space. You don’t need to have web hosting or domains for such applications you just need one pc where we can install your application and give access to other network PCs.

Ecommerce Solutions

Shopping is getting less time consuming and more comfort. There are thousands of online shops where you can buy and sell your goods. We can create one for you, where you can post your products and people can buy it instantly. We can develop rich features user friendly online shops, where people can browse through your shop and select the best product for their self. On the other hand we can give you custom reporting, which shows you the most viewed products, less viewed products stable products so you can review your shop and re-organize your products.

Payment Gateways Implementation

We can implement for you payment gateways, which can be used when people want to buy something at your shop, we can provide Credit Card Payment system, PayPal Payment Systems and other trusted payment gateways.

RSS Feeds & RSS Reader

We deal both RSS Feeds and RSS Readers, if you want to create RSS Feeds, for your blogs, products, news, events etc we can help you out. RSS Feeds is useful if you want to promote your business and share your new products and updates. We can also connect you to others RSS feeds and can read it for you in more sophisticated way.

Website Access Log

If you want to know your visitors country we can provide you an interface, through which you can see the country names with flags of your website visitors. On each access of visitor we log their country with date and time, which can give you statistical data about your visitors and their frequency. You can use this data for targeting customers in different countries.

Website Security Measurements

We can give you the best security solution for your Website or Online Web Application, which provide shelter against brute force attacks, MYSQL injections and other security flaws, which can harm your Website or Online Application.

Email Notification System

We can deliver Bulk Emails, if you want to advertise your product. If you want to announce some events we can provide you schedule based email systems, which can be scheduled at your own comfort. We can provide you Email notification system for your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly newsletters.