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SMS Marketing Dubai

Bulk SMS, SMS Events, SMS News, SMS Products, Promotional SMS, SMS Notifications, SMS Alerts.

SMS Marketing Dubai

SMS Marketing Dubai

Promote your brand, product, company with us. Inform your customer in more fastest and reliable way. Most of the times people are receiving SMS notification from cellular companies, which inform about specific service or package, the same way we can also implement the SMS System for your company which can deliver messages to your desired, target customers. SMS Marketing is widely used these days it’s much cheaper than before and eye catching. We have implemented SMS system for Stock Management System, Travel and Tourism Companies, Client Management Systems and much more.

We suggest you to choose SMS Marketing Channel because of the following features

  • Faster
  • Reliable
  • Visible
  • Cheaper
  • Professional

We have variety of SMS Marketing packages and serving number of client in different disciplines. If you need to promote your business through SMS Marketing, send us your details, we will reach you in no time.

SMS Notification Service

SMS Notification is used widely by enterprise applications. We can update your current Application to support the SMS Notification Service feature. We can notify you if you are running out of stock or your bank account is getting below the threshold value, we can notify you via SMS. It’s the most reliable service as sometimes you don’t have the chance to check your emails or login to your online accounts, but you can at least check your mobile message. You can set the SMS notification for the services you want for your application and we will do the job for you.

Product Promotion SMS

Sometimes you are receiving SMS messages on your cell from your mobile service providers. We can design the same message which will show your company name and will be sent to your target customers. You can make events announcements, new product awareness, service updates to your customer via SMS.

Contacts Diary Management

Contacts diary can be created and maintained if you often deals with people via phone or via text. We can provide you import and export feature to your contacts diary, through which you can easily setup your contact diary. You can make contacts group and send special SMS to the groups only.

Schedule Based SMS

If you often send SMS notification to your contacts, but you are fed off from the traditional way of SMS notification, we can provide you something new. You can create SMS template and give it a frequency either to send daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or once a year on a specific date just like New Year wish.